Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hey Jude.

A few weekends ago we all suffered (and I mean, SUFFERED) with the flu.  Julian gave it to me, I gave it to Andrew.  The only one who did not succumb was little Nora.  I had been planning a girl's day out in the big city for months.  The arrangements had all been made.  Andrew would have a boy's day with Julian, Nanny would take Nora for a sleep over.  I would be free to shop, gossip, eat a leisurely meal (with a glass of wine), and drink as many venti vanilla cappuccinos as my heart desired.  The day would end with a cocktail at a trendy, upscale restaurant I've been wanting to go to.  Sounded magical.  That was before the flu hit.  On Saturday morning I phoned my girlfriend in the big city to let her know that I was near death, and wasn't planning to leave my washroom for the next month.  The next morning I awoke feeling much better.  I was thirsty, I was hungry, I was human again.  Then Andrew was hit with it.  I decided it was best, for our children and our marriage, that I leave the house of yuck and take the children out for some fresh air.  I brought them to the park near our house.  Unfortunately I had underestimated how bitterly cold it was.  Nora was in her stroller, nose running, looking at me like I was completely insane.  Julian, on the other hand, was in little boy heaven.  Sliding down a soaking wet, icy slide, with no snow pants...  We had been out there for what felt like hours.  I checked my watch to see if it was (please) time to go back home... I forgot to wear my watch.  Luckily I had my cell phone in my pocket.  
I open it to check the time.  I have a text message.  I never have text messages.  It is from my girlfriend at the trendy, upscale restaurant in the big city at 10:30pm the night before:

"U should have come.  Jude Law is in the lounge."



Anonymous said...

He, Jude, is lovely. Like your parents, god, your Dad would even say he is lovely. Picture this, Jude and his group of dandies at the bar, their table is ready, they get their dandy bottoms up and out from the bar chairs and make their move to table. Jude Law, yes major movie star Jude, stays behind and pushes all of the chairs back to their original position. Throughout dinner so many 'please and thank you very much' that if you were not charmed before you are breathless with Jude Law charm now. Sounds normal and silly but this is Hollywood elite no matter what Chris Rock says.

cherry said...

I think that maybe it is for the best that you couldn't make the trip to the big city. I have a feeling that if you had, I would be seeing a picture of Jude and a "mystery brunette" on Perez Hilton's website and Andrew would be home nursing two babies and lamenting the "squish squish".