Saturday, December 22, 2007

They're Everywhere!

I find them in the strangest places.
In my car.
Under my couch.
In my bed.
In my pockets.
A few weeks ago I brought Julian to daycare in the morning, and we were having our final "mommy, one-more-hug-and-kiss" good-bye, when a Cheerio, literally, fell off of him/out of him, who knows...  His teacher said "Julian, did you have Cheerios for breakfast?" 
He hadn't.



mrs. kellogg said...

so you were saying 'cheerio' and a cheerio fell out of julian's 'person'? that's what i call magic! the magic of breakfast cereal. :-))))

Rosemary's Baby said...

ever tried to pick up a dried out/formerly milky cheerio from a hard surface? they are like glue. you need power tools to lift 'em.