Friday, December 28, 2007

Fancy Pants.

I really enjoy cozying up with a nice fashion magazine.  I always have.  When I was a teenage girl my bedroom walls were covered with pages cut out of fashion magazines.  Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Benetton ads were particular favourites.  I love looking at the glossy pages filled with beautiful clothing, accessories and makeup.  I particularly enjoy looking at the prices in high end fashion magazines.  My favourite magazine by far is Harper's Bazaar.  It is big, it is glossy, and it is completely out of my league.  But during the 20 minutes it takes for me to peruse it, I pretend I am in that league.  By the time I close the back cover I have usually convinced myself that I would look great in the $753 Cinzia Rocca trench with the Elie Tahari top for $448 and Blumarine shorts for $625, and that outfit would just NOT be complete without the Bottega Veneta bag for $31,200.

Tonight, as I flipped through the January 2008 issue I was slapped in the face.  Glenda Bailey, Editor in Chief herself may as well have arrived at my front door, pointing at me while laughing and saying:  "YOU are reading MY magazine?  How DARE you!".

All because my eyes were transfixed on a very unique Dolce & Gabbana bag, and when I looked below the bag to see the price, I found the following words:  

price upon request

It is so crazy-insane they can't even put it in print...




They're not playing their instruments. said...

It's funny. I do the same thing when I read those magazines. By the end of it, I start to think that $400.00 is reasonable for a blouse. I think that you should put in a request for the price of that bag. Why? Because you are worth it, girlfriend!

Miranda Priestly said...

That's why it's really called "Harper's BIZZARRE". them goonballs jest caint spell.

Glenda Bailey said...

The devil wears PRADA for a reason dahlink. Because everything else is just 'tacky'. hissss