Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This is getting messy...

I wish I could say that day two went better than day one.. but it really just got kinda, well... worse.  The actual "day" was okay... no run-ins with wild animals, etc.  After the children were snuggled in their beds for the night we realized we needed some groceries.  Andrew was busy marking, so I volunteered for the task.  I thought I would sneak in a little Christmas shopping while I was out, and went to buy Andrew a treat.  It wasn't expensive, and as I was in the process of paying with my debit card the rude little man behind the counter practically yelled, loud enough for the entire store to hear:  
"Your card has been declined." 
Me:  "What?"
Him:  "It says you are over your limit."
Me:  "But that isn't possible."
Him:  "That is what the machine says."
Silence... Stares... Me very red in the face handing him a different card, paying, leaving.

After phoning Andrew to ensure he hadn't bought me a MAJOR expensive gift on the card without telling me, I immediately phoned the bank to see what was going on.  It seems someone copied, or otherwise compromised my card, and withdrew $400.00 earlier that day from a bank machine in the big city...

For some reason I took this all very personally, and was awake until 3am thinking about it.  

I think I'm over it now.


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ms moneypenny said...

the rotten buggers! my solution to being ripped off by credit/debit card thieves is to always spend every penny i make before they get the chance to get their greasy hands on it. on the upside, you blogged. YAY!! and i love the picture. now, go to work and get more material. :-))