Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Don't Drink & Craft.

I am making - I should say - Julian and I are making button wreaths as Christmas gifts for his and Nora's little friends at daycare.  "We" worked on them all day Saturday.  Julian was FAR more interested in watching Treehouse cartoons than making button wreaths.  After we put the children to bed, I thought I would enjoy a glass of red wine and finish the wreaths.  I have a VERY low tolerance for alcohol, as over the last 3 1/2 years I have either been pregnant or breast feeding, and very rarely am I able to enjoy a nice glass of wine.  After 1/2 of a glass, I was a complete disaster.  My teeth were grey, I was talking nonsense, and I started to get nasty as my hand was sore from threading the buttons onto the wire.  When I finished the last wreath at midnight I decided to write a blog about my wreath-making-experience.  Thankfully I save all of my blog entries as drafts to be reviewed before I post them.  I had to re-write the entire entry.  This is how the initial, unedited blog ended:  "The little buggers at daycare better like these button wreaths."



In Vino Veritas said...

too funny. can you tell which wreaths were made 'before' and which 'after'?

clinka said...

If you look really close... :)